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DTF or Direct-to-Film printing is a simple way to get high-quality, full-color digital transfers for application to fabrics of all kinds.

What is DTF?

DTF transfer, also referred to as Full-Color Direct-to-Film print transfer, is an innovative process that uses water-based ink to print on PET film. Its unique white ink layer allows for various color options. In essence, it works like screen print transfers, but it’s a digital version.


Step 1

Click on the “Design Your Gang Sheet” button and build your gang sheet with your print-ready artwork. We’ll inspect your artwork for free and let you know if we find anything that might not print well.

Step 2

Once you complete the design process you’ll be redirected to our product page where you finalize your purchase of the proper sheet size, quantity, and payment.

Step 3

When your design and payment are complete, we will print and ship your gang sheets directly to you.


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